H D OUTFITTER - Archery

        Imagine lying in your sleeping bag at the end of a full day of archery hunting and listening to bulls bugling close to camp. It makes it hard to fall asleep no matter how tired you may be. For the big game hunter, nothing is more exciting than hunting elk in full rut.

        It's considered by many to be the ultimate hunt, period. The thrill of a close encounter with a big bugling bull elk is like no other, and at H D Outfitters, we specialize in making it happen. At H D Outfitter, guided archery and muzzleloader hunting is our specialty.

        Our guides are serious archery hunters and experienced callers who consistently bring elk in for good close shots. Our guides love this season; they are prepared, enthused, willing, and able to do what it takes to get their hunters on a bull. We have great respect for bowhunters and appreciate the challenge and skill that the sport requires. We are not just another rifle-oriented outfit trying to sell a few bow hunts. Archery hunters and muzzleloader hunters tend to have the woods to themselves during this special time of year. The foliage is beautiful, the temperatures are moderate; elk are vocal and responsive to calls. It's not surprising that bow hunting and black powder hunting has become more popular and successful. During this early season, when the elk are in rut, they tell us where they are, and we go to them. In recent years, this stay mobile and "go where the elk are" approach has dramatically improved shot opportunities to nearly 100% on good mature bulls. Hunters should arrive in good physical shape, ready to ride, walk, and hunt hard. Conditioning is important and the better shape the hunter is in, the better our chances of getting him where he needs to be to have a successful elk hunt. As is usually the case with limited range weapons, success in taking the animal is highly dependent on the hunter's physical ability to get where he needs to be to make the shot.

        Come and join us for a great bow hunt or muzzleloader wilderness hunting experience