H D OUTFITTERS - Muzzleloader

Let H D OUTFITTERS guide you back in time, into the New Mexico high desert on a crisp morning with the rugged mountains under foot, the smell of black powder in the air, and with a trophy elk just a short distance ahead.

Muzzleloader hunting is a way to reconnect with history and a way to hunt in days of the past. Every year more and more hunters use the thrill associated with this type of weapon and immediately identify it as their weapon of choice.

Between the high success rates and the unique hunting method, black powder elk hunting New Mexico will be an adventure to remember for a lifetime.


Elk Facts

Do Elk learn from hunter's mistakes?


Absolutely. There's a reason its tougher to shoot big bulls than a small bull or spike.  Mostly because older bulls learn to avoid predators and they learn fast. Have you ever noticed how high pressured elk don't bugle by day? They have learned bugling equals two legged predators. 




10 Questions to ask a Hunting Outfitter

1. Are you a licensed New Mexico Hunting Outfitter?

2. How long have you been licensed?

3. What is your license number?

4. What areas of New Mexico do you hunt in?

5. How many years have you hunted there?

6. Do you hunt on public or private land?

7. What type of accommodations do you provide?

8. What is the client to guide ratio on a typical trip?

9. What types of transportation is provided?

10. Can you provide me with a couple of references?